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- Address Change:

This notification serves to notify all Newborn Screening submitters that the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health (NSCLPH) will no longer maintain the PO Box 28047 address for receiving Newborn Screening specimens shipped via the United States\ Postal Service (USPS). Please immediately begin to use the following address for the mailing of Newborn Screening specimens via USPS:

North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health
1918 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-1918

The shipping address for UPS and FedEx shipments of Newborn Screening specimens remains unchanged as:

North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health
4312 District Drive Raleigh NC 27607

Any specimens shipped via USPS to the PO Box 28047 may be returned to sender and not arrive at the NCSLPH. If you have any questions please contact Damaris Hernández, Operations Manager at damaris.hernandez@dhhs.nc.gov

When there has been a change of ownership, name, address, contact person, etc, fill out entire form and when completed, fax the completed form to 919-807-0730

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